News of 2007


22. 04. 2007 The C-litter from kennel Alderisland is 2 years old! Our cute trickster Artus is now all grown up!
Happy birthday also to Artus' sisters and brothers and breeders!!!

21. - 22. 04. 2007 Artus participated at two CACIB shows in St. Petersburg, Russia. Results were INT 1/3 and OPEN 1/2.
He also got a reserve CAC that became RUS CAC and he is now the candidate to become RUS CH.

24. 03. 2007 Artus participated at the international dog show in Tampere, Finland. Amongst 76 dalmatians
Artus was INT 1/1, BM-4 and received his first FIN CAC

10. - 11. 03. 2007 Instead of Crufts Artus participated at the 2xCACIB show in Vilnius. On the first day-
"Lithuanian Winner 2007" show -Artus was INT 1/1, got his second LT CWC and also res-CACIB
that will become a CACIB as BOB Rikardo Sunbeam is already an INT CH.
On the second day-"Vilnius Cup 2007" show - was Artus' debut in the open class. Results were super!!!.
Artus was OPEN 1/1, CWC, BM-1, W CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG I!

06. 03. 2007 Very bad news!!! On 3rd of March I received a phone call from Estonian Air stating that
since February 2007 they cannot take dogs to London anymore - they can be shipped only as cargo.
It came out that they didn't notify us sooner because of the special system that gives the particular
information only a week before the trip. For 2 days we have tried together with many helpers and Estonian Air
to find some opportunity to go to London with Artus yet all hope died this afternoon.
This means that Artus cannot participate at Crufts!
Sad for us especially when everything ready and all the documents OK and now these sudden news.
Thanks to everyone who supported us when we were looking for the possibilities today and yesterday!

03. 03. 2007 Artus took his owner to the handler training by mr. Hugo Quevedo.
Very interesting training with very charizmatic trainer. We learned some useful new tips for shows.
Also very well organized training.

10.02. 2007 At the international show in Tallinn Artus was BOO and got his 3rd cacib.

04.02. 2007 Artus participated at his first SAR training which was organized by the local club "Aktiiv". The
newcomer was teached how to work together with many dogs, how to take contact with strangers and
how to find somebody and keep contact with this person.
Artus did very fine for his first time and surprised also his owner very positively - we are planning to continue
this training and are waiting for new meetings with our training group.

28. 01. 2007 No bad thing lasts forever. Although Artus missed the Kaunas CAC he got himself a more honorary title -
The Best Show Dog in Saaremaa 2006!
We are glad to have helped the success of Saaremaa dogs.

27. 01. 2007 Sad news. The ferry traffic was stopped in the evening because of the weather conditions and so we
couldn't make it to mainland to the bus heading for Kaunas CAC show in Lithuania.
Thus we missed our probable possibility to get the "big" CAC necessary for getting the LT CH title
Nevertheless our friends Troy and Demi did a good job there being BOBP and BOB.

15. 01. 2007 Artus has been entered to Crufts. I found out at the last minute that now the Estonian Air is taking dogs
to London. As January 15 was also the very last day to enter Crufts then I started Organizing right away.
Fortunately there were no problems and Arts can start packing.

13. 01. 2007 Artus participated at his first show in 2007 - speciality show for FCI groups II and VI.
Results were INT 1/1, BM-3.