29. 12. 2009   HOORAY!!! Artus's first litter in Ukraine is 1 year old!!!

Congratulations to breeders Alena Moskalenko and Irina Andreeva and congratulations to all the children and their owners - to Kevin and his owners Oksana, Alexey and Veronika, to Luna and her owner Svitlana, to Pita and her owners Anastasia, Alena and Ira and to little Grusha and her owners Alena and Ira and to their brother and sisters who, I am sure of it,  are also loved and cherished!!! You have made Artus and me  very proud all through the year by giving us the joy of watching you grow and make your first steps and also to succeed in showring!!! As we, humans, do have our different destinys, so do dogs and everybody shall have their stars. I also remember little Guardian of Hearts From Sacred Garden whose life was short but we can be sure now that someone guards our hearts from above and we are in good hands!

This year the four puppies from that litter  - Pita, Grusha, Luna and Kevin started their road to success in show rings. The results were wonderful - numerous Puppy BIS placements, Pita shining at World Winner and Speciality Show and having her Ukrainian JCH title, Grusha getting marvellous descriptions, Luna and Kevin having wonderful results at the shows and moving firmly towards the top! I want to thank you all for these moments and the chance to be a part of it, a part of your lives with Artus's children!

Birthday card of the litter:

26. - 27. 12. 2009
 Artus's daughter Gloria In Excelsis Deo From Sacred Garden "Luna" participated at the 2 dog shows in Donetsk, Ukraine. On the first day at the CACIB show the judge was Yuri Ovets from Ukraine. Luna was EXC and Best of Breed Junior!!! It was the first show for Luna in the Junior Class and she performed marvellously even despite the fact that a dog attacked her before the show. Congratulations to Luna and Svitlana for the great results. On the second day was the CAC show and judge was Alexandr Hachaturyan from Russia. This time Luna received the grade excellent! Very well done!!!

Some pictures of Luna:


23. 12. 2009

The year 2009 is going to be over soon and it is a time to look back and assess our achievements. Artus participated at 13 dog shows this year. He gained 1 new championship (CZ CH) and 3 CACIB's! He was 1 time BOB and 2 times BOS! Maybe it doesn't seem much but for us it were the new countries and shows and judges that interested us. Many countries that we visited didn't have the Best Male competition or BOS status. But I am glad above all to have witnessed the beginning of the show career of Artus's children and their success. You have given me many wonderful and happy days and emotions and I wish to thank you for that. It is a totally new level for me and seeing that you all are so active and aimful makes me very very happy! My sincere gratitude goes to breeders Alena Moskalenko and Irina Andreeva of the kennel From Sacred Garden for bringing up the first litter and also to all the owners of the children - to Oksana, Alexey and Veronika, to Svetlana and Anastasia and for those who may not have entered the show ring but are loving and taking care of Artus's children. I am also looking forward for Artus's next litter in kennel Zabavan in Finland at the end of this year. I trust the over 20 years of experience of the breeder Nina Laine to be of huge benefit to this litter and I hope to have many success stories to post here in coming years.

Thank you all and be merry!!!

13. 12. 2009
 Artus participated at his final show of the year 2009 - HUND 2009 in Stockholm. I cannot even remember why did I choose to go there - as mad of a thought as it was but mainly it was to meet and chat with the owner of Artus's father - Per-Owe Saleryd from kennel Ekryda. I have never ever thought that Artus could be successful in Sweden. He is very standard Dalmatian, very South - European type and so far we have had little success in Scandinavia. And I am but a single owner of a jackpot dog not a breeder, not very much known :) But yet again I made a decision and fulfilled it.

We went to Stockholm via Finland. We went to Helsinki with Viking Line and drove to Nina Laine's place in Vahto as she generously agreed to accommodate me and the wild boar again :) Artus acted as supposed - yelled and whined and escaped from the crate to go and rescue the spotted ladies but again...with no success. Thank you Nina for your kindness and hospitality! I met with Artus's girlfriend Velma again who declared me to be her own and guarded me with attention :)

Next morning we went to Turku harbour (of course my navigator Jürka thought that we could go to Kapellskär instead of Stockholm and directed me to Naantali harbour 10 km from Turku but fortunately we still made it to the right ship) and took a ferry to Stockholm. It takes 10 hrs to go from Turku to Helsinki and we spent this time nicely sleeping in the cabin.

We spent the night at the New World hotel just 1 km from the show venue - Stockholmmässan. It was in the industrial area so not much possibilities for walking the dog but they had a rather good chinese restaurant downstairs and it was the first hotel I have been in for 4 years that greeted us with water bowl and fleece cover for the dog. I will recommend it for travellers with dogs.

Next day we drove to the Stockholmmässan and parked the car in the underground garage. I had been there last year for WW but it still seemed very unfamiliar place for me. Of course the Swedish creme de la creme of the Dalmatian world was present aka kennel Jilloc's and Timanka's :) I was very happy to talk with the owners of a very cute young Dalmatian boy Spotborne Keep on Dreaming. Although this was the first show of the chap and he acted accordingly one could see from far away that there is a great future ahead for this picture perfect young Dalmatian male. Keep my words in mind :)!

I also met with a nice elderly lady who told that she is a foreign Estonian, having fled to Sweden from the horrors of war and Soviet occupation in 1940-s being just 3 months old. She spoke very good Estonian and was very interested of Estonia. I am glad to have brought a piece of Estonia with me to this show and I do hope we meet again!

The show itself was surprisingly successful for us - Artus received the CK (Certifikat Kvalitet) that allowed him to compete in the Best Male ring and he also won the open class. Actually only 2 dogs from open class received the grade excellent. I am convinced that this was plainly the miracle of Swedish meatballs that Per-Owe so generously brought us :) I don't know their secret but the make every dog do what you want them to do :D Unfortunately the miracle of meatballs didn't last until the end and Artus was kicked out from the Best Male ring. Finally the strict judge Vlastislav Vojtek (SK) went for the huge and muscular Scandinavian type. Best male, BOB and BIG1 was Jillocs Sugardaddy, BM-2 Jillocs Walk on Top, BM-3 Ekryda Remus and BM-4 Ekryda Herkules. BOS was Timanka's Movie Star.  Best kennel, believe it or not was kennel Ekryda in competition with kennel Jilloc's!!! Hooray!!!! Congratulations to Per-Owe for such a nice results!!!!

We headed back to Turku with the evening ferry and continued in the morning towards Helsinki. Turku surprised me with snow and cold but fortunately the highways were ok to drive. We continued to Tallinn with 11.30 am ferry and finally made it home at 15.00. no need to say that we slept for the rest of the day :)

05. - 06. 12. 2009
 There were 2 important CACIB shows in Ukraine - The Russia of Kiev and The Crystal Goblet. On these shows participated Artus's children from Ukraine. Both days Artus's daughter Grata Plena From Sacred Garden "Pita" was BOB Junior and received the title Ukrainian Junior Champion!!! Artus's son Guide to Estonia From Sacred Garden "Kevin" was BOS Junior on the second day!!! My cordail congratulations to breeders and owners and a brave young owner of Kevin - Veronika who makes her first steps in the show ring. I am so proud of you and very thankful for showing Artus's children!!!
Let me say that on the first day no male dog received the grade Excellent. The judge Liliane de Ridder said on the second day that she sees Kevin as the most perspective dog from those presented but he needs development. As junior dogs really do need patience for their development I do hope Veronika keeps it up with the dog shows and fulfills her aims with Kevin! It was also very surprising for me that this kind of important show under the aegis of FCI didn't have the Junior BIS competition. It had Puppies BIS and all the other but not Juniors. A bit confusing how can a show be made under FCI aegis and not obeying FCI rules :S

Some photos of Artus's children:

Pita in Kiev 12/2009

Pita and Anastasia in Kiev CACIB show

Kevin in Kiev 12/2009

Kevin and Veronika in Kiev CACIB show

29.11.2009  We went with Artus to Finland. He was signed up for the Turku International Show and I also wanted to visit Nina Laine from Kennel Zabavan an see how Velma is doing. Basically we needed nothing from Finland but as said before - there was an empty place in our schedules :)
We used again Viking Line ferry. I have to mention it again but until Tallink doesn't change it's canine unfriendly attitude, the dog-owners are going to prefer Viking Line. We got to Finland in fine time and started to drove towards Turku. I knew that Nina herself was not there as she and her sister Anne were going to opposite direction - to participate at the CAC show in Sillamäe, Estonia. After nice meal in local hamburger chain Hesburger we continued towards Vahto where Nina lived. When arrivin we were greeted by the barking of many Dalmatians who gathered to the walking area's fence to see the trespassers. Arts of course had to go and show off :) We were taken care of by Nina's daughters Katariina and Kiira who are in canine business theirselves - one with Dachshunds and other with Dalmatian show handling and agility. It came out later that despite of locks and crates nothing could keep Arts away from coming after the whole 10 Dalmatian ladies in ther rooms. He ripped his crate, managed to sneak out of the room as Houdini and sang us a nonstop Moonlight Serenade. Finally when I came to sleep he sat the whole night on my bed and told about his sorrowful life so I was pretty tired in the morning.

Next morning we drove to the show place. This time I was noticeably calmer. I believe the purcahase of the new book by Diane Peters Mayer called Conquering Rin
g Nerves was a good decision. I had heard (again) that Mme Chantal Mery (who was the reason to choose Turku show) was told to be a very strict judge and of course it made me a bit nervous. Our result was CH EXC/2, res-CACIB. Once again ruled the black - spotted Dalmatians. BOS was again Sassafra's Paint It Black and Best Male-2 a junior dog from Marnellin kennel. I was quite satisfied with the result. This day got even better when I met with Tytti - my long time dissapeared friend who managed to find me in Facebook :) It came out that she actually lives in Turku! We had a good time at the food stand outside and tried to catch up all the lost years.

The ferry back to Tallinn went at 21.00. As always we were again too early at the harbour. The park next to harbour is already so familiar to Arts :)

  10. 11. 2009
New pictures of Artus' son Guide To Estonia From Sacred Garden "Kevin" are on his personal page! Thank you, Oksana, Alexey and Veronika for sending the pictures and taking good care of Kevin!!!

Kevin enjoying the autumn!

  07. - 08. 11. 2009
Although I have already learned from practical experiences that Tartu shows are never lucky for us I still decided to go to 2xCACIB shows there. Yet it proved again that no prophet is famous in it's own country . The first day judge Jose Homem de Mello from Portugal decided that we are worth the 4th place in champion class and on the second day judge Eva Mosimann from Switzerland didn't give us even a placement in the class, only the grade Excellent. BOB was on on Saturday Sassafra's Paint It Black from Finland and on Sunday Muzika Iz Nevskihh Ostrovov. Congratulations to Anna for the second successful weekend in a row!

  31.10. - 01. 11. 2009 Artus went to practice again at the 2xCACIB shows in Riga. I had chosen these shows because they were nearby and it is always good to keep in shape. I was a bit worried because Artus was just mated on Friday and knowing what kind of egocentric macho he is I was prepared for the worst. And I was right! :) Artus remembed clearly the manly deed he had performed the day before and you can imagine how happy he was seeing that the female dogs all over Europe had gathered to the Skonto hall in Riga just for him. And he was righteously angry at me for holding him on a short leash and not allowing him to dive into the sea of pleasure. He calmed down a bit before the ring but when the owner of Velma - Nina Laine from kennel Zabavan - arrived with her two other female Dalmatians then Arts felt that finally someone has arrived who knows what Arts wants ad also gives him that. And when he understood that he is still not allowed to the same crate with Nina's girls...oh what a language he used! :) I was afraid for real that the judge will kick me out of the ring together with the excited macho but fortunately the judge Salvatore Tripoli was from Italy and understood Artus' problems very well. It is not easy to stay calm when there are so many beautiful ladies around :) There were 14 Dalmatians present from Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Russia. From Estonia there was also Artus' half-aunt Alderisland Darling Daisy. Fortunately it is not noticeable to the ringside when Arts is making tantrum and Nina even said later that Arts was looking even better with his macho excitement. Arts won the champion class and was Best Male-2. As the Best Male and later BOO Rikardo Sunbeam was in veteran class, Artus also received CACIB. Best Female, BOB and BIG was beautiful Latvian female Vittoria La Grande Benfatto from the Latvian kennel Benfatto. Congratulations to Karina!

Description: 4 years old, good neck, correct head, straight shoulders, good topline,short breast, good set of tail, good coat with correct spots, godd moving with long steps.

I had reserved the Domina Inn Riga hotel quite long time ago when I found a good offer from the Internet for 50 EUR for the room. I had to pay for the booking at this moment. A little bit later I decided to look what would be the fee for the dog and I was shocked as the fee was 25 EUR i.e. half of the room's price. This is absolutely the highest price I have ever had to pay fro the dog in any hotel. The hotel was situated in the center of the city and was clearly meant for the tourists who come without the car and want luxury. The travellers with the car were directed to the narrow back yard via the even narrower tunnel that left only some centimetres for the car sides and the later manouvering in the back yard should be obligatory to every driving exam. Fortunately there was a big and beautiful park nearby where we had long walks with Arts. For the personnel and service in the hotel I have only good words to say. Unfortunately the evening was spoiled by another guest in the hotel who left her dogs unattended to the hotel room where they barked and howled for hours. I was thinking that it is unfair that the guest whose dogs are behaving will have to pay as much as the guest with badly behaving dogs. Or does the huge fee for dog mean that the dogs can do whatever they want in the hotel :S

On the next day Arts was a bit more relaxed but seeing Nina again made him hope for more. The judge was comparing Arts and the other champion class dog Aragorn the King Vitalight but Artus' famous strong rear gait made us win the class. Artus was also Best Male and BOO! The curse of the second show seems still to follow us as it follows the BOB on second day - beautiful female from Russia Muzika Iz Nevskihh Ostrovov. Congratulations to Anna! Artus received his 13th CACIB from this show and a nice medal for BOO. We also had some humorous moments - especially when the judge measured two dogs - Agent Double-O-Seven Vitalight and Artus. I was quite sure of the outcome as Artus has been measured twice with wooden measurer and found to have 61cm at withers i.e. maximum height at withers for a male dalmatian. This time the judge Johannes Boelaars from Netherlands took the ordinary measuring tape and measured Arts to be...65 cm at withers :S I decided to keep mum athough this was a huge surprise for me :D

Description: liver spotted male, up or over max. size, pleasing head, correct ear and bite, can do better with more front, nice topline, good rear, happy character, moves with speed.

After the show we went with Nina and her sister Anne to their hotel where Arts finally received an award for the two days full of torture - second mating with Velma. After that Nina and Anne offered me a nice lunch and when the stomach was full it was time to hit the road again. We got home at 9 pm. 

30. 10. 2009 Artus is mated with Zabavan Uleska "Velma" from the famous Finnish kennel Zabavan. As both Arts and Velma are liver-spotted there will be only liver-spotted puppies in this litter. You can find updated news about Velma and the future puppies from this webpage and also from the kennel Zabavan homepage at If you wish to have a Dalmatian puppy from this litter, then please contact the breeder Nina Laine of the Zabavan kennel directly or you can also contact me via this webpage - I would be glad to help with forwarding your puppy request. You can see Artus's children from his first litter under the link "Artus' children" .

17. - 18. 10. 2009 We took a road trip with Artus to practice a bit in the show ring and use the last days of my vacation properly. We had chosen the CAC shows in Valmiera (Latvia) and Siauliai (Lithuania) for the stops. Fortunately both places were quite close to Estonia and as the ring in Valmiera started at 13.17 on Saturday, we were able to start the trip at 6 am as it took approx. 4 hours to drive to Valmiera. Making sure that all the three most important men in my life for this trip  - the TomTom navigator Jürka, car stabilizer Vesa (VSA) and Arts  - are there and ready to go then it was time to press the gas pedal. Well, not too much as there were still traffic rules to obey especially in Latvia where there are a lot of traffic cameras nowadays and police is very active. It was even bizarre to see all these very correct drivers on the Latvian and Lithuanian highways.   

We got to Valmiera as planned around 11 am and at the Dalmatian ring there were already familiar faces waiting - Nina Laine from the renowned Finnish kennel Zabavan with two Dalmatian bitches and her sister Anne with two Dachshunds and a Drever. We also met there Merle Tishler and Julia Kolodeyeva from the Estonian kennel Blanco Solar with two Dalmatian bitches and a Dogo Argentina and Czech Terrier. One of their Dalmatians was Artus's aunt from mother's side Maggie (Alderisland Amazing Amanda). In addition to our compan came also Artus's half-aunt from the mother's side who is younger than Artus (yeees, the relations between dogs are as complicated as between us humans :D) Alderisland Darling Daisy with her nice owners and two more male dalmatians from Estonia - Exlibris Canes Espresso Mocca (Morris) and  Dalylove Cable Guy (Nelson), who also had invited their owners to a little excursion in the Baltics :) Latvian honour was protected by two Dalmatians. The judge was Leszek Sziekowski from Poland. As a true Polish judge he wore the hunter's hat and managed to confuse the majority of dogs with that as also with his very thorough teeth counting. The first Dalmatian to enter the ring was Dalylove Cable Guy - a beautiful and well formed black-spotted male with his young and brave owner. Unfortunately Nelson didn't like this weird judge much who approached quite suddenly with his huge hat. To be honest then this mentioned hat brought out emotions in almost every dog and he also judged very strictly, dismissing the dogs with lower grade when possible. After Cable Guy there came the Dynamic Duo of the Champion Class aka Arts and Morris. Arts decided to entertain the judge with a mono - clownade "The first show of the season or 100 ways to be an asshole" and as the judge clearly did not have the sense of humour he gave Arts the second placement in class and Arts was later Best Male - 3 with CQ. Morris won the Champion Class and was Best Male-2 with the needed LV CAC. Congratulations to Morris and Aiki! Best Veteran, Best Male and Best of Breed was Rikardo Sunbeam from Latvia. In the Dalmatian bitches competition the judge made more damage than the hurricane Katrina. Artus's aunt Alderisland Amazing Amanda was the only one to get EXC, CQ and BOS title. Congratulations to Maggie and to Merle and Julia! The other bitches got the grades VG mostly for the missing teeth and other minor faults that the judge noticed with his eagle eyes. 

After the ring in Valmiera I packed Artus to the car again, not noticing the innocent look in his eyes that demanded the usual after-the-showring-treats. I cannot understand how he manages not to hear the part of my talk where I say that the treats come for GOOD behavior in the ring not ANY behaviour in the ring :) We drove 3 and a half hours to Siauliai. The roads were OK and the traffic, too but I still have to do a little whining about the bullyish behaviour of the Polish truck drivers who were thinking that they are the only ones on the Baltic highways and who cares about the others. In Siauliai we stayed at the hotel Turne. It is a very cosy and pleasant hotel right at the centre of Siauliai and approx. 5 minutes drive from the show venue. The travellers with dogs were warmly received and I can recommend it. This weekend the single room was 41 EUR and dog was 9 EUR. The parking was free of charge and in the safe back yard of the hotel. 

The Siauliai show was in the local sporting hall. We had 4 less Dalmatians than in Valmiera i.e 7 overall. The judge was Marianne Gyarfos from Hungary. To be honest it was the curiosity to get the description from her that drove me to Siauliai in the first place and I didn't have to regret my decision. This time the judging was not so strict than in Valmiera. Artus was Best Male and best of Breed! Best female was Alphadirato Here I Am from the Estonian kennel Alphadirato, Best Junior was  Zabavan Grafiene and Best Veteran Alderisland Amazing Amanda. Also Anne's Dachshunds were both Best of Breed as also was Merle's and Julia's Czech Terrier. Unfortunately only the latter was recognized later at the group competitions and was BOG-4. None of the Dalmatians or Dachshunds was placed at the final competitions. Artus was handled at the group competition by Julia Kolodeyeva who managed excellently with this task and has all my gratitude for that!!!. Arts received a blanket for the Best Male position and also a metallic colored dog figurine for the  BOB. We started towards Tallinn from Siauliai at 7 pm and opened the home door at 2:30 am. This super day was a bit spoiled first by the toilets at the show venue in Siauliai that frightened off even such Soviet-era accustomied person as I consider myself and then later by the Statoil stations on the Pärnu-Tallinn highway where I was searching for the toilet and coffe - in first station the toilet was not working, the second served only via the small window at the nighttime and in the third the coffee machine was broken. But well, what kind of trip it would be without some hard times :) 

In summary this was one of the most pleasant show trips I have ever had and not so much because of the results but for the super company that I had in both of the shows and with whom the socializing was as cool and nice as it should always be at any show ring. Big thanks to all of you!!! To Aiki and Liina and the super good and brave owner of Nelson and to all the supporters for the merry and cosy company at the ring side! To Nina and Anne for the interesting and view widening conversations about Dalmatians and the canine world overall! To Merle and Julia for the nice ringside and lunch company and especially to Julia for showing Arts at the group competition!!!  

Valmiera description: typical male, standard, average size, head with correct proportions, teeth, good neck, right angulation in front and rear, good movement.

Siauliai description: very good size and type. Beautiful head, very nice eyes, pigmentation and spots, correct stop, topline. Deep body. Angulations are in balance. Good mover. 

Arts in Valmiera (Photo by Julia Kolodeyeva)                           Arts in Siauliai (Photo by T. Mekhneva)

Selection of BOB in Siauliai (Photo:T. Mekhneva)       Selection of BOB in Siauliai (Photo: T. Mekhneva)

 PS: Arts is standing facing the Best Bitch Alphadirato Here I Am because of a small incident that happened right before we entered to the BOB selection ring. When we were waiting at the ringside, there came a man with three Great Danes that were all males and out of his control. One of the dogs even got free and ran to the ring where the judging of Dalmatian bitches had to stop for the moment. This company decided to stand right where we were standing with Arts and of course the males had something to say to each other. Considering the fact that this man was practically standing on my toes and his dogs were freely all over Arts I made him several notices about it and asked him to give us space but without success. Finally Arts had enough of the bullies and was ready to show them their place when the selection of BOB started. Even in the ring Arts agreed to stand only facing the entrance so that he could see the bullying company. This is one unpleasant example of what can happen in dog shows and how nice would it be if the participants in any dog show could think a bit about the other participants also.                                              

09. - 10. 10. 2009  Fantastic results from Bratislava!!!! Artus's daughters Gratia Plena From Sacred Garden "Pita" and God's Grace From Sacred Garden "Grusha" participated at the World Dog Show 2009 and Dalmatian Speciality Shows in Bratislava, Slovakia.

World Dog Show 2009 on October 9th - Dalmatian bitches in Junior Class were judged by Kari Järvinen from Finland. He is known as very strict judge and he proved it to be true. Out of 13 junior bitches only 4 received the grade "excellent". Amongst them was Pita for whom it was the 3rd show overall and first show abroad and first show in Junior Class as she turned 9 months old only 12 days before WDS!!! Kari Järvinen liked Pita very much and finally she lost only to much older and more experienced bitch Cinnamon Swirl von Ascabach. Pita was handled by her co-owner Anastasia Nosova.

I am also very proud of our little Grusha. After she was very rudely approached by a judge in the baby class at the beginning of her show career, she is building up her confidence in the show ring again step by step. Even to the side of the ring where I was nervously standing it was clear that the judge liked Grusha tremendously. Unfortunately Grusha was still a bit afraid in the ring and decided that the marvellous movement that has already become her trademark is boooring :) The grade given to her was "good" but she had a wonderful description of exterior from the judge who specifically said that for him it was a real pity that at that particular show Grusha didn't have the wish to present herself. Grusha was handled by her co-owner Irina Andreeva.

Dalmatian Speciality Show on October 10th - There was a change of judge and instead of Frank Kane from Great Britain all dogs were judged by Tamas Jakkel from Hungary. Pita charmed him too very quickly and had the grade excellent and again 2nd place in Junior Class. Pita was again handled by Anastasia Nosova. 

Grusha had also decided to get herself together and work her charm. Maybe it was the "girls' night in" that we had previous evening - me and Grusha- where we talked heart to heart :) but Grusha was back the excellent stander and mover that she usually is. The grade was "excellent". Still, Grusha thought that she is not properly introduced to the judge and was therefore a bit shy like a proper girl should :) This time Grusha was handled by her co-owner Alena Moskalenko.

I cannot express how happy and proud I am of these results! It is Artus's first litter, it is kennel From Sacred Garden first litter and the puppies from that litter are having only their first dog shows!!! Congratulations to breeders and owners Alena Moskalenko and Irina Andreeva and to Pita's co-owner Anastasia Nosova who has done so good work with Pita in preparing her for show ring and handling her there!!! Congratulations to all their littermates as it hopefully gives a positive boost for them for future dog shows!!! And finally congratulations to proud parents Arts and Bianka - you've done it!!!

Photos and descriptions coming soon...

12.09.2009  Artus' daughter God's Grace From Sacred Garden "Grusha" was Best of Breed Puppy and BIS III Puppy at the CAC show in Chernigov, Ukraine!!! Congratulations to breeders and owners Alena Moskalenko and Irina Andreeva!!! The judge was Zoya Oleinikova from Ukraine, Grusha also made with that a nice birthday present to her father's owner!  

Grusha august 2009

                               Grusha in September 2009

09.09.2009 Today, exactly 4 years ago, Artus met with his future owner, allowed to deceive himself with a liver treat to be taken to a faraway land with a big ferry. Today Artus is all grown up and loves everybody around him, to play and to do manly things and we cannot imagine our lives without him! 

 Arts 2005       Artus 2009             
        Arts in 2005                                     Arts in 2009

27.08.2009 Eva Dragovic from the Sunset Dalmatian kennel in Czechia agreed to translate Artus' descripton sheets from Brno this February that I finally managed to send her :) Eva, thank you so much for the help! Here they are:

07.02.2009 - Four year old, very nice proportioned dog, male head, correct eye color, scissors bite, complete dentition, strong topline, correct debt of the brisket, correct angulation in front and rear, excellent on movement, standard coat condition, correct spottings, excellent presentation.

08.02.2009 - Adult dog with very nice moderated head of male expresion, dark eye, excellent topline, excellent angulation of front and hidnquarters in posture and movement. Excellent presentation. Calm temper.

22. -23/08/2009 HOORAY!!!! SUPER WEEKEND!!! Artus got so excited about his childrens show results that decided to return to show ring himself. This weekend there were two important shows in Tallinn - Baltic Winner and FCI group VI speciality show. At Baltic winner show judge Ludmila Fintorova from Slovakia gave him res-CACIB and placed him second after a well known male Dalmatian Jillocs Sugardaddy. For me it was a super result considering how many good Dalmatians had gathered there from all the Baltic region. The number 40 Dalmatians was greatest we had ever had. Artus was shown by Kristine Maria Airenne - Estonian Junior Handler Champion in 2008! Thank you Kristine for giving your best to show Artus in this hard competition.

Description: 4 years old, real champion, very sound and nice in type, very nice head and expression, a little bit short in upper arm, nice spotting, very nice dark eyes, correct feet and teeth, strong movement behind.

The second day was the group VI show and the judge was dalmatian breedr Ivana Bakal from Croatia. This time I showed Artus myself and the results were unbelievable-Artus became Best Male and BOS in opposite of Gloria - Jillocs Splendid Choice. This was also our 60th dog show. Thank you, Arts, for making such nice present to me for this occasion.

Description: Excellent type & bones, excellent head, nice expression & earset, elegant neck, strong topline, excellent tailset, well angulated, nice spotted, excellent movement.

Pictures and full results on the Estonian Dalmatian Club web page.

17/08/2009 Artus' daughter God's Grace from Sacred Garden "Grusha" took her grandfather from the mother's side Exclibris Canes Guiding Light "Gaidi" to a refreshing walk in the forest. As nowadays the Little Red Riding Hoods are driving cars and grandmothers are living in cities, Grusha and Gaidi had to play with each other and eat at home. More photos coming soon!

16.08.2009 Artus' daughter Gratia Plena from Sacred Garden "Pita" was Very Promissing and Best of Breed Puppy at the CAC show in Kiev. Congratulations to breeders and owners!!! Photos!

29.07.2009 Artus' litter in Ukraine is 7 months old! Happy Birthday to Grusha, Pita, Luna, Kevin and their brother and sisters!!! Our darlings are growing up so very fast :)
Thank you Alena, Ira, Anastassia, Svitlana, Veronika and the other owners of the puppies for raising them and taking good care of them!
Recent photos of Grusha, Pita & Luna & Kevin and their owners.

Pita's owner Anastasia with Pita and Luna

Luna and her owner Svitlana


Kevin with his owner Veronika


25.07.2009 Artus' daughter Gloria In Excelsis Deo "Luna" (breeders Elena Moskalenko & Irina Andreeva, owner Svitlana Krezub) was Very Promissing and BOB Puppy at the CACIB show in Poltava, Ukraine! The judge was I. Pirogova (Russia). Congratulations to breeders and owner!!!

Luna in the show ring with her owner Svitlana

12.07.2009 Artus' daughter God's Grace from Sacred Garden (Grusha) was Very Promissing and Best of Breed Puppy at the CAC show in Belaya Tserkov in Ukraine despite the bad weather where it literally rained cats an dogs! Congratulations to breeders and owners Alena and Ira!

Grusha with her handler Ira in the pouring rain


04.07.2009 Super news from Ukraine!!! Artus' children Pita (Gratia Plena from Sacred Garden) and Kevin (Guide to Estonia from Sacred Garden) participated at the national dog show in Kiev. Kevin was BOS Puppy and Pita was BOB Puppy and Puppy BIS III!!! Kevin also won the younger competing class in junior handler competition with his young owner Veronika. Congratulations to breeders Alena & Ira and the owners!!! Photos!

20.-21.06.2009 Artus participated at the Estonian Dalmatian Club Summer Days. There was the general meeting of the club and cosy evening with bonfire and BBQ. Artus got to play with jolly chicks all the evening and the next day. There were Birdie and Emma and Tessa and Lucy. Artus said that for him every day could be a Summer Day! Information and pictures are on the Club's website.

punkt 12.-14.06.2009 Artus hosted a little friend of his this weekend - we had with us Massu, with more manly name Master (Exlibris Canes Masterpiece). Although Arts suffered from unexpectable envy attack and didn't allow Massu to play with all Arts' toys, the two managed very nicely together. Arts showed Massu where he lives and plays and took Massu along when we went to visit others. Massu won the hearts of parents and grandparents and especially the heart of a young and smart girl named Anastassia who plans to become a Dalmatian breeder in the future. Photos!

As Estonians usually do:

Massu Once there is one man on the top...

Arts ...and then the other.


06.06.2009 Artus participated at the Estonian Winner 2009 show. The official results was CH 1/3.

02.05.2009 Artus' son Guide to Estonia from Sacred Garden (Kevin) was BOB Baby and Baby BIS IV at the annual non-official show for all breeds organized by the Dnepr section of the Ukrainian Kennel Union!!! Congratulations to breeders and owners!

02.05.2009 Artus participated at the mentality test in Akaa, Finland. The test was organized by the Toijala Canine Club and the judges were Sami Heikkilä and Katri Leikola. Artus' result was +127 points that was enough to successfully pass the test. The description and photoes of the test will be here later.

25.-26. 04. 2009 Artus' daughter God's Grace from Sacred Garden (Grusha) was 2xBOB Baby at 2 CACIB shows in Kiev, Ukraine. But as the judge of the first day behaved agressively towards Grusha in the show ring,she didn't participate in the BIS Baby competition for protest.

22.04.2009 Artus and his mates from Alderisland C-litter are now 4 years old! Congratulations to our littermates and breeders!

Artus' children are all in their new homes, growing up and thinking about dog shows. Some pictures of the puppies are here.

17. 02. 2009 Artus received his confirmation of CZ CH title! It took only 10 days from receiving the CZ CAC to the arrival of the confirmed title here to Estonia!!! WOW!!! Hopefully the mocassines of many Estonian dalmatians will go by the path that we have taken first to Czechia!

15. 02. 2008 Artus had a nice walk with the beautiful girl named Pretty. Photos.

05.-09. 02. 2009 Artus made a trip to Czech Republic with 4 humans and 6 Dachshunds. The results of 2xCACIB show in Brno were - 2xCZ CAC, 1xres-CACIB, 1xCACIB - that means that Artus is now a Czech Champion and gained his 11th CACIB.


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