31. 12. 2010  The last day of the year 2010! What can I say about the was full of success and also dissapointments, going where few European Dalmatians had gone before and fulfilling some dreams (more mine than Artus's :D). We wish you all what we wish for ourselves - an even more happier and successful New Year!

29. 12. 2010
 Artus's first litter in Ukraine is 2 years old now! They have been successful in dog shows, good companions and friends to their owners. I am very happy for them and they will always be the first and special to both me and Artus!!!

19.-20. 12. 2010
 Some pictures of the Finnish litter are on the Zabavan kennel webpage. Unfortunately I hear so little about them so it made me double happy to see the boys Jurjev and Jaroslav. Our best wishes to all the pups in this litter and their owners! We love you!

The pics from Zabavan kennel blog:

Zabavan Jaroslav

Zabavan Jurjev

11. - 12. 12. 2010  At the 2 CACIB shows in Kiev Ukraine Artus's children from both of his litters had great success. First day his son Vakula Koval From Sacred Garden "Erik" was BOBJ, BOB, BIG-1! Erik is just 9 months old and at the beginning of his show career! On second day Artus's daughter Gratia Plena From Sacred Garden "Pita" was CACIB, BOB, BIG-1! Pita was also the only Dalmatian who received the grade excellent that day under a strict German judge. Our sincere congratulations to Anastasiya Nosova who is the owner and handler of both Erik and Pita and the breeders of the both dogs Olena Moskalenko and Irina Andreeva!!!

06. - 07. 11. 2010
 Artus travelled to Poland with young handler Hanna-Maria Zeilanova to participate at the 2 CACIB shows in Poznan! His results were both days res-CACIB! Before the trip Hanna-Maria took some wonderful pics of Artus that can be seen HERE!

Huge thanks to Hanna- Maria for the pictures and for taking care of Artus!

31. 10.2010
 In Kiev, Ukraine was held a national dog show and together with it a Speciality Show for Dalmatians. At Speciality Show Artus's "fiancee" and the mother of his 2 litters in Ukraine - Bella Bianka Utrennaya Rosa "Byanka" was Best Female Dalmatian and Artus's son Vakula Koval From Sacred Garden "Erik" was Best Puppy! At the CAC show Erik was again Best Puppy! Congratulations to everybody!

09. - 10. 10. 2010 
At CAC + CACIB shows in Tiraspol, Moldova first day Artus's daughter Gloria In Excelsis Deo From Sacred Garden "Luna" CAC, BOB! Second day Artus's daughter Gratia Plena From Sacred Garden "Pita" CACIB, BOB, BIG-1! Congratulations to Svitlana and Anastasia- well done, girls!!!

25. - 26. 09.2010  At the 2 x CACIB shows in Vinnica, Ukraine Artus's daughter Gloria In Excelsis Deo From Sacred Garden "Luna" both days CACIB, BOB, BIG-2!!! Congratulations to owner Svitlana Krezub!

05. 09. 2010  At CACIB show in Krakow, Poland Artus's daughter God's Grace From Sacred Garden "Grusha" CWC, res-CACIB and her sister Gloria In Excelsis Deo From Sacred Garden "Luna" CWC! Grusha also had BAER test done and the results were +/+!

28. - 29. 08. 2010  At 2xCACIB shows in Pechanoye, Ukraine Artus's daughter Gratia Plena From Sacred Garden "Pita" first day CACIB, BOB, BIG-1 and second day CACIB, BOB, BIG-2!!! Artus's son Vakula Koval From Sacred Garden "Erik" first day BOB Puppy and second day Best Male Puppy!!! Congratulations to Anastasiya, Alena and Irina!!!

22. 08. 2010  Artus participated at the CACIB show in Tallinn. Judge was Maria Kavcic. Artus was the only Estonian dog there and his results were BM-4

21. - 22. 08. 2010  At the 2 CACIB shows in Uzhgorod, Ukraine Artus's daughter Gloria In Excelsis Deo From Sacred Garden "Luna" was CACIB female both days!!! Well done, Luna and Svitlana!

15. 08. 2010 Artus's daughter Zabavan J'adoré "Jado" was BOB Puppy at the national show in Raisio, Finland! Before that Jado practiced at the match show on August 3rd, 2010 and became 2nd Red Puppy! Congatulations to the breeder Nina Laine from kennel Zabavan and Jado's owners!!! I have waited anxiously for the news and show debutes of Artus's children in Finland and therefore I was very glad to read about Jado's and Jurjev's achievements. I will wait for their and their siblings' future victories with great interest! 

Zabavan J'adoré BOB Puppy in Raisio
(photo from kennel Zabavan homepage)

08. 08. 2010  Artus's daughter God's Grace From Sacred Garden "Grusha" participated at the national show in Legnice, Poland. She got CWC, was Best Female and finally Best of Breed! I am very glad for these wonderful news. Two more shows in Poland and Grusha is Polish Champion! It is so great that so many of Artus's children will start to discover the wide world! Congratulations to breeders and owners Irina Andreeva and Olena Moskalenko!  

God's Grace From Sacred Garden BOB in Legnice
(foto: Olena Moskalenko)

27. 07. 2010 Artus's son from Finland Zabavan Jurjev participated at his 8th match show and was BIS3. Jurjev was named by the slavic version of the name of the town Tartu in Estonia where Artus was born as it is the tradition in kennel Zabavan to name the dogs with slavic names and I had wished that one of the puppies will have a name that would remind of Estonia. Jurjev has one blue eye but he won't let this disturb him to show everybody that world isn't limited by official dog shows and you can be beautiful and shine and be victorious at the beauty competitions no matter what!!! From 8 match shows Jurjev has had placement in every one of them and 4 times also BIS placements!!! We are very proud of him and congratulate the breeder and owners! 

Zabavan Jurjev BIS3
(foto from kennel Zabavan webpage)

25. 07. 2010 Artus's daughter Gloria In Excelsis Deo From Sacred Garden "Luna" travelled to Russia and participated at the international dog show in Kursk. Luna's results were magnificent -  CACIB female in the competition with one of the best Dalmatians in Russia Flinkvild Brandy Cup, who was BOB and later also Best In Show! With this result Luna is now Russian Champion! Luna was handled by her owner Svitlana Krezub who is very talented and known handler and also shows other breeds at various dog shows. Congratulations to Svitlana and Luna's breeders!!! 

TP and BIS 1 Flinkvild Brandy Cup with owner Gennady Gadiyev and CACIB female
Gloria In Excelsis Deo From Sacred Garden with owner Svitlana Krezub

11.07.2010 After Räpina we drove to Tartu where we styed overnight at the hotel  Manderley. Next day there was a national show in Ülenurme, near Tartu where there were a whole 5 Dalmatians :) This time Artus was BM-2 after a veteran Inky Gipsy Enzo. The judge Iuza Beradze from Georgia was appalled by the apparently too dark color of Arts's eyes and managed to shock me with that so I didn't even feel sad about this misfortune :) Arts cooperated again with Maarja who managed him super well again and she also gave a bit hope for their future cooperation. I will wait for the next shows with interest and pleasure! 

10.07.2010 Artus participated at the Räpina national show. I decided to go there because of the judge mr. Attila Kelemen from Romania who 4 years ago gave Artus one of his greatest achievements - BIG I placement at the Estonian Winner 2006 show that also brought us the EKU Travelling Trophy for the best Estonian dog at the show. Unfortunately it came out tho that mr. Kelemen couldn't judge and he was replaced by Svein Bjarne Helgesen from Norway. It was one of the easiest shows of our career - there was just 2 Dalmatians present and Arts was the only male :) The other Dalmatian was Artus's half-aunt Alderisland Darling Daisy. 

I had decided before these shows that I will give my not-so-sporty-personality a bit rest  and I asked the Estonian Junior Handling Champion 2009 Maarja Kalma to show Arts this time. Maarja is one of the best handlers in Estonia and you can read about her achievements from her web page. As Maarja had not shown a Dalmatian before the Räpina show was a good place to start practicing. I personally liked very much the contact that Maarja had with Arts right from the beginning. For the first time I saw that Arts, who usually starts fooling around after the  class ring, stood very calmly at his second competition that day in a more than 30 degrees Celsius weather and looked very nicely at Maarja. They also made Artus's debut in the Junior Handler competition and became 4th in their class. The day ended with BIG 2 placement. I think the result was pretty good for the day with hellish heat. We also walked around Räpina with Arts and enjoyed the beauty of this small town and also the roses at the local manor's garden. 

Arts BIG II in Räpina with Maarja Kalma

25.06.2010 The World Winner Dog Show 2010 in Herning, Denmark. Artus's daughter Gratia Plena From Sacred Garden "Pita" participated at her second World Winner Show. LAst year Pita was second at both the WW as also at the Dalmatian Speciality Show. This year Pita was already  in the Intermediate class and her result was 3rd place in class! I am very proud of Pita and Nastya for this kind of good result in such a big show. Pita didn't unfortunatey participate at the 2 Speciality shows but I think that her results show a stabile development and ability to compete at the shows of such a global level! Congratulations to Pita's breeders Alena Moskalenko and Iryna Andreeva and her co-owner and handler Anastasia Nosova.

On the very same day the Estonian Dalmatians made history - Estonian bred Dalmatian dog Alphadirato Future Brand "Brandy" was the first Estonian Dalmatian to win Best of Breed at the WW show and to win Best of Group thereafter! Brandy also won the Eukanuba Word Challenge European qualifications! Congratulations to his breeder and owner Leelo Ratas!!! 

19.06.2010  National show in Belaya Cerkov, Ukraine  - Kevin CAC, BOB, BIG III! Congratulations!

12.06.2010 At the national show in Cherkassy, Ukraine Artus's son Guide To Estonia From Sacred Garden "Kevin" JBOB, BOB and BIG III! Kevin is now the third UKR JCH in Artus's first litter. Congratulations to kevin's breeders and owners! Kevin has now also to think how to be an example to his children :) 

12. - 13. 06. 2010    Artus participated at the 2xCACIB shown in Ozolnieki, Latvia. These were again some shows to where I spontaneously entered Artus. I cannot say that Arts was back in shape but we still decided to go. Latvia is very near and I had promised Mom that I will take her and her friend to Riga for shopping. We took them to the Riga hotel and then headed together with Arts to the small town of Ozolnieki half an hour drive from Riga. As soon as we arrived to the show venue it was clear that Arts was in his element again - first he had to communicate and show off with all the dogs waiting in the queue for the veterinary control. Then he had to make no. 2  just some metres before the vets so that I had to make the veterinary checks with heavy backpack, folded crate over my shoulder, dog in one hand, documents in other and finally a bag full of sh*t that I had to juggle with. After we managed to make it to the show venue and I had found the first garbage can, Arts decided to search the whole place...PRONTO! Finally we still managed to find a place for the crate and get Arts into it. And they call it non-sporting activities :D 

There were 3 male Dalmatians present out of 4 who had registered - Arts and two Latvian dogs from the same litter. As soon as we got to the ring it was clear that my handling has got rusty during the time and we were also given a very valuable practical lesson that I still value very highly :) Namely what to do in the situation where you stop at the end of the round of running together at the beginning of the judgement and the dog before you is turned nose-to-nose to your dog and the dog after you is brought as close as possible and your asking to turn one dog around and take another and gets no reaction. Arts of course reacted for all of us. Even the next day he was stressed seeing the same bullying dogs in the ring. Our results the both days were CH 1/2, res-CACIB, BM-2 + above-mentioned valuable lesson. 

We were staying at the hotel BEST in the suburbs of Riga. On Sunday we met with our companions at the Riga market and went to look around there, too. We bought fresh strawberrues and cherries , fresh potatoes and chanterelles, home-made cheese and the seafood coctail. The next week  was all about the fresh potatoes with chanterelle sauce and pasta with seafood :) Arts got himself some chicken feet to enjoy. 

 08.06.2010 The judge from Thailand Mr. Peerapong Pisitwuttinan who judged Ca de Bou's and Dalmatians at the  biggest show in Russia and neighbouring countries "Eurasia 2010" in March has written an article to the Thailand cynological magazine "Lang-Sud-Leang" aka "Pet Center Magazine" about his experience at "Eurasia" show and also about how he liked very much the dogs from the From Sacred Garden kennel in Ukraine. He mentiones the fascinating type of Ca de Bou that he saw in Odysseus R.J. Osanna "Odys" and also how brightly and well was presented Artus's daughter Gratia Plena From Sacred Garden "Pita". Mr. Pisitwuttinan's praise of Pita is even more valuable as he is a long-time judge of the FCI group VI and he himself is a breeder of beagles. I am very glad to see that Artus's children are known even in a so far-away country! 

 Left photo below: Mr. Peerapong Pisitwuttinan with the owners
of the From Sacred
Garden kennel Alena Moskalenko and Iryna
Andreeva  and right photo below: 
Iryna Andreeva with Odys and 
Anastasia Nosova with Pita

06.06.2010 Today was the FCI group VI show in Tallinn organized by our Dalmatian Club. LAst year Arts was there BOS and this year we got the free registration for the Dalmatian of the Year 2009 title :) Yet this time for the reasons I have mentioned our teamwork was still weak and the result was same as a day before - 3rd in a CH class. Yet Arts showed more and more the signs of getting better and lively and I would of given him all the goblets and rosettes for that myself :) There was also a small present for all the placements in the class and Arts got himself a small furry and squeaking ball that is still his favorite toy :) 

05. 06. 2010 Artus participated at the Estonian Winner 2010 show in Tallinn. I had a tough decision to make whether to participate at all as some weeks before the show Arts had an unexpectable slaivatory glands inflammation and besides the fact that he couldn't eat or swallow, his neck was also swollen so that wearing of the show lead was out of question.  Although it was the most important show in Estonia, the wellbeing of Arts came first for  me and I decided that if I see the smallest sign that it is difficult for him to be in the ring then he will not go there. Arts got better tho for the show and we still went to ring. Our result was CH 1/3.  I cannot complain much as it was partly my fault - the judge let particulary us to run so much that I finally gave up :) At the other hand it was great to see the other Dalmatian owners again. Nina Laine from the Finnish kennel Zabavan, where Artus's second litter was born had bought us a nice present - the coffe mug with the joint photo of Artus's Finnish litter (the same from the lower part of this page= - very cute and original present! Thank you, Nina! After the show we went to have a BBQ and I was glad to see that after 2 weeks of fighting with inflammation and fever Arts started slowly to enjoy life and play again :) 

26. 05. 2010    Artus is a grandfather now! Artus's son Guide To Estonia From Sacred Garden "Kevin" and his bride Baffi Besti Dolly Volshebnyi Mir are the proud parents of 4 children - 2 boys and 2 girls. Congratulations to the breeders and parents. We wish the puppies a lot of happiness and success! 

24.05.2010 British Dalmatian Club has published Crufts critique on their webpage. The judge has paid much attention to the appearance of the dogs incl. the head and also to the movement. The head and the movement were also the factors that made the judge to like Artus and to give him the place in the class. All critique is available here.

Artus's critique: Very attractive liver dog of quality, liked his head, and eye. Good sturdy body with correct shoulder although could do with losing a bit of weight of them, and well angled rear, deep rib and strong loin. Won his place on his very sound and free movement.

Arts third place in open class at Crufts
(photo from the British Dalmatian Club webpage)

22.05.2010  Super news from Ukraine! Artus's daughter God's Grace From Sacred Garden "Grusha" participated on her first show after a small vacation. At the annual unofficial club show  of the Dnepr section of the Ukrainian Kennel Union in Kiev, Ukraine Grusha was Best of Breed, received the title "Pride of the Club 2010" and finally Best in Show!!! I am so happy for Grusha who has a lot of potential and who has become a very beautiful dog. A vacation from the shows, after the traumatic incident with a bullying judge, has done good for Grusha and I hope that she brings a lot of joy in the future for all her supporters at the ringside. Congratulations to all the friends and supporters of Grusha!!! Kennel "From Sacred Garden" was chosen amongst the best kennels of the year! Congratulation to the owners of the kennel and the breeders and owners of Grusha - Alena Moskalenko and Iryna Andreeva!

Grusha (photo from the kennel Utrennaya Rosa webpage)

15.-16.05.2010  Artus's daughter Gloria In Excelsis Deo "Luna" was at the 2xCACIB shows in Odessa, Ukraine both days CACIB, BOB, BIG-3!!! Congratulations to Luna, her owner Svitlana Krezub and the breeders Alena Moskalenko and Iryna Andreeva!!! Luna is now Champion of Ukraine!!! I am so happy to see that so many of Artus's children from his first litter are so successful at home as also abroad. We are very proud of you!!! 

Luna with her owner Svitlana Krezub in Odessa
(photo from the kennel Utrennaya Rosa webpage)

13.05.2010 Artus's daughter Zabavan J'adore from Finland was getting familiar with the show world by observing the match-show in Finland. She couldn't participate yet but was practicing very nicely already

                                        Zabavan J'adore (photo from kennel Zabavan website)

08.-09. 05.2010 Artus's daughter Gratia Plena From Sacred Garden "Pita" was at the 2xCACIB in Lviv, Ukraine first day CACIB and second day res-CACIB! Congratulations to everybody!!! 

Pita (photo from kennel Utrennaya Rosa webpage)

24.04.2010 At the national show in Chernigov, Ukraine was Artus's daughter Gratia Plena From Sacred Garden "Pita" CAC, BOB, BIG-2! Artus's son Guide To Estonia From Sacred Garden "Kevin" was JCAC, BOBJ! Kevin with his owner Veronia had the IV place in Junior Handlers competition! Kevin was chosen amongst 7 best dogs at the Junior BIS! Congratulations to everybody! 

Kevin (photo from the kennel Utrennaya Rosa webpage)

 22. 04. 2010 Artus is 5 years old now  - that means in his best years! I cannot say tho that he would be a "moderately fat guy in his best years" as it seems that Arts preferres sporty outlook but I believe that the beer belly is not far away :) 

17. - 18. 04. 2010 Artus's children had successful weekend at the biggest 2xCACIB shows in Kiev, Ukraine! First day Artus's daughter Pita (Gratia Plena From Sacred Garden) was CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-1! Artus's other daughter Luna (Gloria In Excelsis Deo From Sacred Garden) was CAC and Artus's son Kevin (Guide to Estonia From Sacred Garden) had the grade Excellent! Second day Artus's son Kevin was CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-2! Pita was CAC, res-CACIB (CACIB) and is now Champion of Ukraine and Luna had the grade Excellent! Congratulations to breeders and owners and than you for so good results!!! 

28.03.2010 Artus's daughter Gloria In Excelsis Deo "Luna" was at the national show in Nikolayev, Ukraine BOBJ and Best of Breed! Luna is now Junior Champion of Ukraine! Congratulations!

27. - 28. 03. 2010 Artus's daughter Gratia Plena From Sacred Garden "Pita" was at the Eurasia 2010 shows in Moscow, Russia both days Best of Breed Junior! Over many years the Ukrainian dalmatiansd were again represented at one of the biggest shows of that continent. This makes me even more proud of Pita's results and her career so far has shown that Pita can be a serious competitor at the small and big shows, at home and also at the important shows abroad! Well done! Congratulations! 

13.03.2010 Artus particiapted at one of the most famous dog shows Crufts in Birmingham, England. Our result was OPEN 3rd! As an independent hobby team we are very satisfied with this result. We travelled through Holland and England using basically all the means of transportation. Artus managed this trip very well and I was pleased to see that even despite his usual clownade in the ring, the judge liked him very much and we were given the III place in the class. I believe not every dog from abroad will be paced in the class at their first Crufts. Especially when there was a many dogs in the class as we usually have in the breed altogether at the international shows in Estonia :) At this show where the creme de la creme of the of the breeders is presest it is more surprising that one usual dog owner with her usual dog manages to have this kind of result right  at the first show. I am truly very pleased with this journey. You can read from our adventures here :)

 We had a nice coming together with other Dalmatian owners at the EDALK party. Unfortunately the snow blizzard that had started the day before stopped many of the club members and new Dalmatian owners from coming to the party but the brave ones spent a nice afternoon. First we listened the lecture by noted canine dermatologist dr. Svetlana Belova about the skin and ear problems in Dalmatians and later there were announced results for the reanimated competition for the Dalmatian of the Year title. I place was won by Artus, II place by Brandy (Alphadirato Future Brand) and III place by a nice liver girl Emma (Exlibris Canes I'm Femme Fatale), Emma was also Best Junior, Artus' aunt Amanda (Alderisland Amazing Amanda) was Best Veteran, Artus' grandmother Belita was Best Progency (Best Breeding Dog) and Artus' kennel Alderisland was the best kennel. We are very honoured to receive this title and to restart the tradition of this competition again which, I hope will continue throughout the years! Big thanks to our supporters and to other Dalmatian owners, to the cosy ringside company that we have always had and especially to Artus who has patiently beared all these trips and all these dogshows with me :)   I will dedicate this title to Artus's children who I expect to present the titles and trophy bowls like this more in the future and to all newcomers to the show ring- you can do it!!! Full results are also on the EDALK webpage. 

19. 02. 2010  Good news always travel in pairs :) Artus had his third litter from him born in Ukraine! It is the copy of his first litter - mother is beautiful black-spotted lady Bella Bianca Utrennaya Rosa and the litter is under the kennel name From Sacred Garden (currently still using the website of kennel Utrennaya Rosa). There was exactly the same number of puppies as in the first litter - 3 males and 5 females. All of them are black spotted. Congratulations to breeders Alena Moskalenko and Irina Andreyeva. I will look forward for them to grow up as nice and successful as their their brothers and sisters in Ukraine and their half brothers and sisters in Finland! 

First pictures freshly from Ukraine:


04. 01. 2010 Artus had the second litter from him born in Finland at the kennel Zabavan! The mother of the litter is beautiful liver female Zabavan Uleska. There were 2 male and 5 female puppies. Congratulations to the breeder Nina Laine! The puppies are growing very fast and they also have their own blog where you can see their development and new photos. All of the puppies are reserved or already in their new homes. 

Artus's litter in Finland in February 2010
Photo by Nina Laine

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